Lapidary Equipment

Richardson Buffer • $450

Richardson Professional BufferProfessional, sturdy, fast, efficient high buffer/polisher. Produces show-finish gems with only two simple machines. Great for both the professional shop and the hobbyist.


  • Construction: Light weight plastic with wood reinforcement.
  • Power: 1/3 HP 110V
  • Dimensions: Base – 18″ x 22″, Height – 15″
  • Buffer Head: 12″ diameter with treated leather buffer cover. Self-tensioning and aligning.

High Speed Dry Sander • $575

High Speed Dry SanderA new concept in rock polishing. Replaces slow, messy methods for a fraction of the cost of conventional methods used today. It is cheaper, cleaner, faster and more enjoyable. Use silicon carbide discs 36-600 grit (available at shop). Sturdy construction, and can be shipped via UPS.


  • Construction: Plastic and wood reinforced frame, strength without weight.
  • Dimensions: Base – 16″ x 22″, Height – 27″
  • Power: 1/2 HP 110V
  • Sanding Disc: 7″ diameter, balanced head, 5/8″ threaded arbor, silicon carbide floor surfacing paper, dust collector guard for vacuum hookup, peel-em off cement.

Order Both units • $1,000 + UPS Shipping

Equipment Supply List

All prices subject to change without notice.

7″ Sanding Discs

Grits (36, 60, 100, 220, 400, 600, 800, 1000) $1.00 each
All discs will be $1.00 each.

Estwing Tools

We have in stock a variety of Estwing Tools.


We carry MK 303 Professional AKA Barranca Diamond Blades @ 20% off list price. We are always happy to special order any other MK blades or equipment you need.

Diamond Pacific Products

We offer Diamond Pacific Products at discount prices. We are happy to special order any Diamond Pacific Products for you.

All Galaxy and Nova wheels @ 20% off list price.

Lortone Tumblers

3A, 33B, 45C, Triple 1.5 lb., QT 12, QT 66

Loose Grit By The Pound

60, 80, 220, 400, 600, Pro Polish, and Cerium Oxide

We also carry a large quantity of lapidary equipment and digging tools. Our prices are well below suggested retail prices. We are the largest dealer in the U.S. for several lapidary lines. Contact us with any problems you may have or information you may need.