Rock Prices

All prices are per pound (except where noted) F.O.B. Madras, Oregon (we charge UPS rates and surcharges). Minimum 5 lbs. per item.

Peacock Feathers $1.00 each
Priday Thundereggs, Rough $2.00
Richardson’s – Extra Large $2.00
African Blue Lace $12.00
Agate Rainbow Banded (small) $4.00
Amazonite $4.00
Amethyst Lace $1.50
Amethyst rough crystals dark $12.00
Amethyst (Moroccan) $3.50
Antelope Picture Jasper $1.00
Apatite $4.00
Arizona Petrified Wood $3.00
Azrou Plume $10.00
Basinite $2.00
BC Jade  New! $30.00
Birdseye Rhyolite $2.50
Blue Quartz $2.00
Brazilian Agate $2.50
Buchanan Thundereggs $1.00
Buchanan Geodes Small $3.00
Candy Rhyolite $4.00
Cheetah Stone $4.00
Chocolate Geodes (Mexico) $3.50
Columbia River Agate $2.00
Copralite $5.00
Coral (Indonesia) $5.00
Dalmation Jasper $1.50
Dino Bone $4.00
Fluorite (Chinese) $4.00
Fluorite, Large $2.00
Friends Thundereggs $1.00
Graveyard Point Plume $5.00
India Black Skin Agate $2.50
India Tree Moss $4.00
Jade (Quebec) $15.00
Jade (Wyoming) $20.00
Jasper & Hematite $4.00
King Cobra Jasper $2.00
Labradorite $5.00
Lavender Quartz $5.00
Leopard Skin $3.00
Malachite $15.00
Mookaite $5.00
Moroccan Agate $3.50
Moroccan Chrysocolla $10.00
Moroccan Geodes $3.50
Moroccan Turritella $10.00
Moroccan Berber Nodules $4.00
Nellite (akin to Petersite) $7.00
Obsidian (Assorted Small) $1.00
Obsidian (Mexican Rainbow & Velvet Rainbow) $7.00
Obsidian (Snow Flake) $2.50
Obsidian (Davis Creek Rainbow) $2.50
Opal Bed Thundereggs $5.00
Outback Jasper $5.00
Piaute Agate $1.50
Polka Dot Agate $1.50
Polychrome Jasper $5.00
Porcelain Jasper $4.00
Red Butte Dendritic $1.50
Red Zebra Jasper $5.00
Rock Candy Geodes $3.50
Rosa Calcite $3.00
Rose Quartz $5.00
Rubellite $5.00
Sarape Jasper $5.00
Serpentine w/asbestos stripes $5.00
Shattuckite $7.00
Snake River Dendritic $3.50
Sodalite $3.50
Solid Coconuts $3.00
Sonora River Geodes $3.50
Spinel $4.00
Texas Flint $5.00
Tiger Eye (Extra Thick, Regular & Blue) $5.00
Tumbling Material Asst. $2.00
Turritella $2.00
Unikite $3.00
Viper Jasper $2.00
White Selenite $4.00
Wild Horse Picture Jasper $3.50
Wood (Washington) $1.25
Slabs (Assorted, not necessarily of above material) $5.00

All prices are subject to change without notice.

Richardson’s manufactures a high speed sander for polishing flats, and a 12″ buffer. We stock rock saws, saw blades, grinding wheels, grinding machines, tumblers, just to mention a few. In short, if you have any question or need any information, don’t hesitate to let us attempt to serve you.

All prices are per pound (except where noted) F.O.B. Madras, Oregon (we charge UPS rates and surcharges). Minimum 5 lbs. per item.

When ordering rough rock: We make every effort to choose rough pieces that will suit your needs and as close to the weight ordered as possible. In order for us to do this, please be specific, i.e. if you order 10 lbs. of King Cobra, please indicate if you want a 10 lbs. chunk or 10 lbs. of small pieces, etc. If you are slabbing the rock, please note your saw size. Most rock of alike kind come in many different shades, patterns and colors. If you are familiar with the rock, please indicate your preference. Always feel free to call us with any questions.